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4th Experiment: BEGEDIL (POTATO & TAPIOCA)
Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia…

Date: 3rd March 2011
In this week we have made our own recipe experiment about BEGEDIL. Using the original recipe we take from internet, we follow the recipe and method as the guideline to finish the experiment. For this week we will change one of main ingredient with other ingredient.

Objectives of the experiment

The objective for this dish is:
1.    Change potato with other product:
Tapioca, Sweet potato, carrot, banana, egg plant, pumpkin
2.    Taste of the dish
3.    To find the ingredient suitable or not

1 pound potatoes - peeled, boiled and mashed
1/2 pound chicken - cooked
4 tbsp fried shallots
10 stalks cilantro - finely chopped (optional)
salt & pepper to taste
For coating
1 egg - beaten
For deep frying
cooking oil

Method to make BEGEDIL
Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl until evenly mixed. Use hand to shape the 'dough' into balls. Press to flatten slightly to appear like a patty. Heat up cooking oil in a wok. Dip each of this potato patty into egg and quickly drop into hot oil. Scoop out and drain the oil with paper towel. Serve alone as snack, good with ketchup/chili sauce or best with soto.
Before the experiment, as usually chef Zaid will give short briefing to class about the experiment for this week. Student must achieve the objective and know what the purpose of each task that has been given to us.

Task implementation

Before the experiment
Task for our group:
a.  Prepare ORIGINAL RECIPE – prepare basic formula of begedil;
b.  Change the starch ingredient – prepare basic formula of begedil; change the potato with tapioca.
During the experiment
For this week experiment, chef Zaid guide to succeed our begedil experiment. We have take picture during the experiment that may show the procedures for the experiment.

ingredient to make begedil
Peeled potato and tapioca
Blanch potato and mash it
Blanch tapioca and mash it
Fried the chicken and chop nicely
Mix the ingredient nicely
Shape the mix ingredient into patty shape
Deep fried the begedil
Tapioca Begedil
Potato begedil
We also tried to bake the begedil in the oven, it made the begedil become dry and hard. Chef Zaid informs us that to bake the begedil we need to mix the ingredient with egg, because the egg act as the gluten that make the begedil shape. Result to bake begedil is fail
Only spread the egg on top of begedil
Conclusion, from our experiment we assumed that tapioca is suitable to change with potato. Tapioca also comes from starch vegetable type. Each of vegetable has same function but have different with the taste, texture, and tenderness
Tapioca tenderness is same as potato but tapioca have some hard fiber that hard to chew. For flavor tapioca are sweeter than potato.

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