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Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia…
Date: 31th  March 2011
In this week we will continue our own recipe experiment about BEGEDIL. this will be our last experiment to make begedil. as usually with the same method and recipe we finish this experiment.

Before the experiment, as usually chef Zaid will give short briefing to class about the experiment for this week. Student must achieve the objective and know what the purpose of each task that has been given to us.

Task implementation

Before the experiment
 Task for our group:
a.      Change the starch ingredient – prepare basic formula of begedil; change the potato with pumpkin.
b.       Change the starch ingredient – prepare basic formula of begedil; change the potato with sweet potato + pumpkin. (1 : 1)

During the experiment
For this week experiment, chef Zaid guide to succeed our begedil experiment. We have take picture during the experiment that may show the procedures for the experiment.

blanch and puree
ingredient for experiment
measurement for starch product
mix the ingredient well
fried the begedil
walaaaaa :) ohsem begedil...
Conclusion, after finish this assignment again, we got another nice combination of starch product in the recipe. pumpkin give some juicy flavor to begedil it make the begedil more delicious. as the result of all experiment we have made decision to present the pisang tanduk and pumpkin as our main recipe exhibition.

don't blanch the pumpkin to long because it can decrease pumpkin juiciness.
when mix the pumpkin with other starch product, increase the pumkin ratio to give more effective taste and make the begedil perfect. (pumpkin version)

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